Panos Alifgrakis 1

Panos is an Associate Partner, Senior facilitator, Coach and Career Counsellor.

One might think of him as an aged 28 year old bourbon barrel, enriched during his maturation through his involvement in senior positions in Operations and Human Resources. The recipe includes the role of psychotherapist and career consultant, offering an innovative approach and insight into training and human resource development.

Panos is a responsible, caring and motivated individual who helps people achieve their personal and professional goals. He has the ability to make his interlocutors remove their mask, feel comfortable and open up in their own individual way. He feels he has succeeded when everyone feels comfortable with themselves and accepts their uniqueness.

In his toolbox he has a third eye always open as a psychotherapist and approaches the public with the principles of Carl Rogers Person-Centred Approach which trusts the potential of the human being and has been scientifically and research based proven beneficial on an academic, corporate and individual level.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken