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The pursuit of success is purpose and self-development is the investment that leads us to success

Avocado Learning Experiences’ Growing programs are practical and insightful, developing an attitude of optimism against daily challenges. They foster successful behaviors, while at the same time they are filled with easy-to-follow techniques, applicable to your entire life!


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Your people may have the right skills. However, do they have the right mindset to deliver results?

Do they struggle to adapt to change?

We are here to inspire them

  • Goal Mapping ® Personal Success Workshop
  • Living in an Agile World
  • From Mindset to Behaviors (Growth Mindset)

Do your people need support with specific, targeted needs?

Do you want to support your people to manage their energy while maintaining their balance?

We are here to empower them

  • Grow your strengths through Adversity (Resilience)
  • Performing in slippers
  • Energy Management (Time & Stress workshop)
  • Disrupt Thinking
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How do you manage communication issues with your people, your teams or your partners?

Do you want to increase the influence of your people?

We are here to introduce them to the secrets of effective communication!

  • Agile Communication through Prism brainmapping®
  • Impactful Communication
  • Connecting with EQ
  • Negotiation as a Life Skill

Do you have highly skilled executives who need a boost in how they present their ideas?

We are here to show them the proper techniques and tools

  • Story Telling
  • Public Speaking
  • Pitching
  • Master Professional Presentations
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If the above thoughts have crossed your mind or personal development of your people lies within the priorities of your organization, contact us to design the program that suits your special business goals.


The duration of a program depends on the content, the pace and the time that both participants and the company can devote. Taking into account the daily working life of your people as well as time required for experimentation (practical application) and comprehension, it is recommended that there is a distance of about 15-20 days between training modules (workshops or other actions). For example, a program with 3 training modules can be completed within a period of about 1.5-2 months.

Depends on the learning elements that we choose to include in a program. For example, webinars may address to up to 50 participants, masterclasses up to 150 participants, workshops up to 15 people/group or 20 people/group (with two facilitators).

Of course. We use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or whatever platform your company supports. Our online programs are fully interactive and participatory.

Fully customizing programs is in our DNA and we deliver them in the most efficient way Can the programs be fully customized to our own business needs? Fully customizing programs is in our DNA and we deliver them in the most efficient way . Through the Lensing stage we investigate and highlight the real needs, taking into account the characteristics and particular needs of the job and the participants. The program to be designed is based on the above and many other criteria.

It depends on the prework we choose to have during the lensing stage. A typical adjustment period ranges from 15-30 days.

The investment of a program usually includes selected tools and methods that we use during the program:

  • lensing stage such as: focus groups, scrum meetings, observations, pulse survey, neuroscience tool (Prism Brain Mapping tool), development centers etc.
  • learning stage such as: e-learning or microlearning training platform, learning & experiment elements, workshops etc.
  • sustaining stage such as: follow up workshops, personal or group coaching, microlearning elements

The selection of suitable consultant-facilitators is always based on the expertise and experience that meet the needs and specifications of each program. Another parameter is the training culture of every organisation (e.g. traditional, modern, conservative). The facilitator is selected according to the style that would best suit the learners.

Participants have access to the ALE e-learning platform as well as the learning & experiment elements of the program for 6 months. In addition, they have the possibility to download part of the material available on the platform.

The HR department as well as other interested parties, depending on the tools and methods used, are delivered detailed reports based on pulse survey results,
focus groups, development centers at individual and group level, program evaluation feedback both from the participants and the consultants – facilitators.

Together we will plan the next steps, taking into account:

  • Findings from the completed program such as: what the facilitators noticed during the program, what points need development and improvement, what would be of interest to the participants.
  • The company’s short-term and long-term development and training goals for the specific group.


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