Margarida Pedro

Margarida is always ready for a new challenge

She really believes that curiosity prevents people from getting bored and that every experience is a learning opportunity. She is a fan of the discomfort zone, as a way of excelling oneself. Solving problems and overcoming difficulties are drivers to her.

With extensive project management and consultant expertise, she aligns companies’ vision, organizational models, and results. Her background in Economics and Management supports her in connecting people and business to make the right and most beneficial fit.

She likes to spend her spare time with her family and close friends. A good and relaxed conversation is something she cannot resist. Chocolate is also a great temptation to her… one she is not strong enough to avoid.

Margarida loves literature. A good book is a great companion to her, and she can be easily delighted by the powerful way certain authors combine words to create different meanings.