The reputation of feedback

” Feedback (and Other Dirty Words). Why we fear it, How to fix it.», M. Tamra Chandler και Laura Dowling Grealish

Focusing on the highly misunderstood concept of feedback, the authors of the book argue that there is a paradox: feedback is often experienced with fear, as a threat, causing intense stress and anxiety, yet most people say they want more Why? Because they understand that it opens the road that leads to growth.

Through the CONNECT model, the authors launch a “movement” towards restoring the reputation of feedback. Citing scientific evidence, they reveal that by following appropriate tactics, feedback not only redefines the lost credibility of feedback but contributes, in essence, to unlocking our potential and continuous improvement.

Lack of emotional intelligence is the element that triggers fear and threat reactions. But by adopting a growth mindset, we open the door to the transformative power of feedback. Using feedback with “clear and specific information” that is sought and documented , the authors create a practical guide on how feedback can be experienced as an empowering and motivating experience, laying the foundation for its usefulness. But to make this a reality, feedback needs to be specific, methodical and sustained.

The different roles in feedback have their importance. Practices and techniques are explained when we are in the role of the one offering feedback. But the role of the person receiving feedback must be equally active. Just getting the information is not enough. Only by responding to the right questions does one maximize and enjoy the benefits that can be gained. Therefore, the adoption of feedback is a driving force in fostering a culture of development and growth.

When the feedback process is designed to feedforward rather than to be retrospective or critical, human resources and organisations gain a competitive advantage.

Christos Makedos
Executive Partner
Avocado Learning Experiences
Katerina Markopoulou
Learner Experience Advisor
Avocado Learning Experiences
The book review was published in Business Book in the May 2023 issue by Boussias Publications