Remote Work Managers’ Bootcamp

Remote Work Managers’ Bootcamp


One of the largest Banks in Greece


The COVID-19 crisis suddenly imposed remote work which resulted in the Bank’s executives and especially the managers going through a critical transformation, during which the Bank decided to establish a hybrid work model. This required managing a number of significant challenges relating to:

  1. Lack of interpersonal interactions
  2. Familiarization and use of new communication channels and tools to exchange information
  3. Management and performance maximization of remote teams
  4. Mentoring people remotely
  5. Management if interpersonal conflict in remote teams
  6. Setting and communicating goals


While designing the solution we had to take into account three very important factors related to the prevailing mentality regarding teleworking, the need for immediate adaptation to the new work model and the possibility of implementing the new practices from the very next day. Our approach was as follows:

  1. We implemented focus groups with some of the participants, to determine their perspective on the challenges they face and their expectations from the program.
  2. The program, which fully simulated the hybrid operation of the team, was 30% online workshops, with elements of interaction and active participation of the trainees and 70% self-paced learning
  3. Throughout the duration of the program, participants could interact through the training platform, utilize multiple learning & experiment elements, while each module concluded with a Comprehension Test.
  4. Existing online courses from an international library were also utilized, which were harmoniously integrated into the flow of the program.
  5. The participants were provided with practical tools and techniques that they now use in their daily lives


More than 500 participants were adequately prepared for the transition to the hybrid working model adopted by the Bank.

The feedback from them was excellent and highlighted the ways in which the training methodology prepared them for the new work model.