First Time Managers’ Bootcamp

First Time Managers’ Bootcamp


Leading GameTech company in Greece and one of the fastest growing in Europe


The company showed rapid growth and thus the need arose to strengthen the administrative abilities and skills of its people with the ultimate goal
  • to adopt a common language of communication, understand their role consistently with the organization’s values,
  • as well as bring results through their teams.


We designed a fully customized program that provided participants with actionable tools and techniques that they could put into practice the very next day. Our approach was as follows:

  1. We implemented Scrum Meetings with program participants for them to share experiences and reflections on their role.
  2. Qualification tests were completed by the participants to understand their strong areas as well as areas for improvement to further focus on the corresponding training modules of the program.
  3. The program had a hybrid form with both synchronous and asynchronous training and was structured in 3 phases. Each phase included 2-3 modules, which focused on the needs and requirements of the Manager’s role, connecting it to the organization’s values and corresponding behaviors
  4. Throughout the duration of the program there was interaction among participants through the training Avocado Learning e-academy platform, utilizing multiple learning & experiment elements, while each phase was concluded with a Comprehension Test.
  5. The online workshops that were implemented provided the opportunity for participants to raise and discuss issues, analyze concepts and practices, directly applicable in their everyday lives.
  6. The program concluded with a Hackathon where the first three ideas were presented during the graduation event. The first idea was implemented within the organization.
  7. Upon completion of the program, in order to sustain the results, 3 targeted actions were carried out: Community Sharing, First Time Managers Hacks (quick win strategies on a monthly basis) and Group Coaching Sessions.


The measurements showed that the areas we had targeted improved. The team significantly increased their administrative skills with immediate results in their business.

In addition, the leadership indicators in the employee engagement survey improved significantly. Participants demonstrated increased commitment to the organization’s goals and adopted a culture of personal responsibility for their professional development.

The success of the program mobilized the next two administrative levels of the organization for which we designed and implemented a series of training programs.