Building the customer experience in a new store chain

Building the customer experience in a new store chain


Leading company in the field of Energy


  • Until now, the company served its customers only by telephone and through external partners (dealers).
  • Its goal was to create a network of stores that would offer services and integrated solutions using technology


It was our common finding that a comprehensive training and development program was required for the people who would work in the store. Our approach was as follows:

  1. We implemented a management workshop exploring strategy issues, customer experience and extending our own familiarity with the company’s products and services.
  2. We investigated the current situation. As the store was not yet open to see the employees “in action”, we used the Prism® brainmapping, test to assess team chemistry and composition A customized online sales skills test was conducted to assess awareness of these techniques.
  3. In the classroom we used store operation simulation techniques, approximating the customer’s experience in real conditions. At the same time, we equipped participants with the most contemporary service and advisory sales techniques, so that they can have a “toolbox” that they can use in their daily life. During the training program, personal video recordings were shot and individual feedback was provided.
  4. After the opening of the store, a live observation took place and we were able to identify further points for improvement for each of the participants.
  5. We “re-measured” their awareness on sales and service skills through a new online test.
  6. In consultation with their managers, we created individual programs to consolidate the training result, which their supervisor undertook to follow up!


The team stepped up and achieved much more than expected in a short amount of time, both in terms of sales and customer experience!

Mystery shopping provided us the information we needed to realize the progress that had been made! A real flagship store!

This program was extended to the entire network of stores!