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Elena is Associate Partner, Senior Advisor & Coach. Her career path in different professional sectors offer an expanded palette of market knowledge.

You will hear Elena often say: “patience is a great virtue”, as well as that “it’s the way that makes the difference”. She is characterized by her soft tone, the peace and tranquility she radiates. In every situation, her interlocutors enjoy the positive atmosphere that surrounds working with her. Elena has had a long career as a management executive in Human Resources, in positions of high responsibility, in multinational and Greek companies, with dynamic corporate environments. In addition, she has represented the culture and values of every organization she has worked for and had the stimuli to develop a global mindset and cross-cultural understanding. Today she is active as a Human Resource Management Consultant and Business Coach with an emphasis on Talent management and improved performance in the workplace.

At the same time, as a Psychotherapist (Cognitive-Behavioral approach) – Personal Development & Wellness Consultant, she collaborates on an individual level with people who wish to explore aspects of themselves, utilizing their strengths and positive characteristics. She works cooperatively on thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make everyday life difficult with the aim of improving the quality of the person’s life.