Overcome the Unexpected – A personal Leadership program for talented employees

Overcome the Unexpected – A personal Leadership program for talented employees


A large group with an international presence in the field of IT


The program was addressed to a selected group of executives with development prospects from different companies and levels. Having recognized the challenges they face, operating in a very dynamic international environment, the Group decided to support them with a personal development and personal leadership program. The goal was to equip the team with the mindset but also the techniques that will strengthen them in managing difficulties, failure but above all will give them the mechanism for personal success.


We designed a comprehensive program that would give participants food for thought and inspiration for personal action. Our approach was as follows:

  1. Participants completed a Pulse Survey, the findings of which provided us with information on their prevailing attitudes and mindsets, in relation to the content of the program.
  2. We designed a three-module program focusing on the pillars of Goal Mapping, Growth Mindset and Resilience.
  3. Throughout the duration of the program there was interaction among participants through the Avocado Learning e-academy training platform, utilizing multiple learning & experiment elements. A Comprehension Test completed each unit, which formed a summary of everything that had been discussed.
  4. 3 online workshops were implemented, in 4 sessions of 3.5 hours with elements of interaction, open communication and productive discussions.
  5. Participants now have practical tools at their disposal that they can use every day


Participants felt that this program was like a gift. Working in a technocratic environment, the program helped them broaden their horizons and empowered them both professionally and socially.