Building Capability – Capability Academies

For years, organizations have realized the importance of continuous training and development of their executives.

IBM, McDonald’s and other companies of similar scope have created their own Corporate Universities. They combined Academic content and the strategic development of their executives, with the support of Academic teachers and recognized Universities. The emphasis here was on Academic knowledge. Digital Academies-Libraries were then created, which capitalized on e-learning and gave employees access to large libraries of material. The emphasis here was on variety and breadth of material.

Both practices gave impetus to the development of people, appropriate for their time.

However, research has shown that L&D’s Net Promoter Score (i.e. participant satisfaction), despite investments in capital and time, continues to decline.

Today, we are rapidly moving into the “New Learning Model”:

  • Training “in the flow of work”, thus, small, short and essential interventions
  • Focused on people, not content
  • Which develops the overall ability (capability) and not just knowledge and skills
  • Has a “hybrid” composition, utilizing technology as a means and not as an end in itself

Academies orCapablity Hubs?

The learners of today have different requirements:

  • They seek the essence through practical directions which are immediately applicable
  • They have easy and almost free of charge access to knowledge through the global library at their disposal
  • Have a short attention span

At Avocado Learning Experiences, we treat capability development at a completely individual level.

We create continuous development experiences that connect with the modern learner in the smartest and most efficient way.

An Avocado Learning Journey, is not limited to some one-off seminars. It is designed around long-term learning and experimentation, leveraging modern tools and techniques, to:

  • Build the right mindset, open to learning and experimentation
  • Positively activate participants to experiment with new methods and tools (gamification, simulations, group projects)
  • Create incubators of practical application through truly original experiences (e.g. Avocado Microlearning Platform, Emerging Managers Hackathon, Leadership Agora, etc.)
  • Provide selected and targeted knowledge through bite-sized educational elements (minicourses, animated videos, video chunks, etc.)
  • Familiarize participants with digital collaboration (online group games, game apps, collaboration tools)
  • Empower with immediate application tools, suitable for each audience and organization

The main thing, however, is that an Avocado Learning Journey is completely human-centered and has as “guides” our excellent team of facilitators and advisors, who make sure to make it exciting!

Marina Kounalaki
Managing Partner
Avocado Learning Experiences